Online Recruitment Advertising

Online recruitment advertising has grown to become the most popular recruitment method amongst UK businesses. And for good reason, job board advertising is suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes and is more cost-effective and far reaching than traditional methods such as recruitment agencies and newspaper advertising.

Job boards such as Total Jobs, Jobsite, Monster, CV Library and Indeed facilitate the advertisement of thousands of jobs each day and have become the preferred destination for the modern-day jobseeker.

Such is the popularity of online advertising, even recruitment agencies use job boards to source candidates for their clients’ vacancies.

Online recruitment has also rendered newspaper advertising redundant. Great news for SME’s who don’t have the advertising budget to match larger adversaries.

Due to online adverts being equal in size the emphasis needs to be on writing a high-quality job advert. Without investing a little time and energy in your job advert you won't be able to attract talent, capturing quality applications and distinguishing yourself from competitors. For tips and tricks to writing a great job advert why not download our guide to writing job adverts that convert here.

When it comes to online recruitment advertising there are two main options to consider. You could directly advertise with the job boards or use a flat fee recruitment provider.

Not sure which method is right for you? Below we’ve provided some additional information on both methods.

Direct Job Board Advertising

Job boards are hugely popular amongst candidates, so it makes sense to utilise them as part of your hiring strategy. But, with so many ‘leading’ job boards on the market which one(s) should you advertise on?

Total Jobs, CV Library, Jobsite, Reed, Monster & Indeed are widely considered to be the most popular job boards. The cost associated with each board ranges from free to a couple of hundred pounds for each advertisement.

To optimise exposure and increase quantity of applications it’s advisable to advertise on multiple sites. This does however create a challenge for those responsible with managing the applications.

Most job boards offer a back-end system to manage candidates, however logging into individual systems can be time consuming and can cause confusion when progressing and declining candidates.

If this sounds familiar you may want to conduct some research into Applicant Tracking Systems (needs the link adding in). ATS’s allow you to centrally manage all applications inside of one system. By using a recruitment system, users are able to save hours of time sifting through candidates and are able to automate candidate communication. A good ATS also will also have a reporting feature to help users analyse job board performance and make data driven decisions.

Pro's of direct job board advertising:

  • Complete control over which job boards your vacancy features upon
  • No third-party intervention

Con's of direct job board advertising:

  • Posting individually to multiple boards can be expensive
  • Handling applications from multiple sources can be time consuming
  • Unable to identify which boards perform best for your business

Flat Fee Recruitment Providers

Flat fee recruitment providers operate as an intermediary link between your organisation and the job boards. As they re-sell advertisement on behalf of job boards they’re able to negotiate more competitive advertising prices. The flat fee providers then bundle these job boards together and pass a large proportion of the savings back to their customers.

The major benefit of using a flat fee recruitment provider is that they will multi-post your vacancy out to several major job boards giving you maximum coverage for one fee. They also take care of all the time-consuming tasks such as writing the job advert and setting up individual job board accounts.

A good flat fee recruitment provider will also supply you with an Applicant Tracking System (insert link to relevant pillar page) (ATS). A good cloud based ATS will allow you to easily and efficiently manage applications centrally. From the system you can also see which job boards are performing best for your vacancies to help you get the most out of your advertising budget moving forward.

Pro's of using a flat fee recruitment provider:

  • Increased advert exposure.
  • One account manager.
  • Cheaper than going direct to job boards (based on multiple job board use).
  • A system to manage applications.
  • A good flat fee provider will write and optimise your first job advert for free.

Con's of using a flat fee recruitment provider:

  • Less control over which advertising sources you use.
  • Some flat fee providers only offer branded advertisements. Branded adverts can help you attract more quality applicants however they do alert competitors that you’re advertising offering insight into your salary and job specs etc.

Google For Jobs Jobs on Facebook indeed jobs TotalJobs CV Library Jobsite Monster

Talentvine’s flat fee recruitment solution allows you to recruit top talent from just £249 with no additional fees.

Post your job
Post your Job

We will write your job advert for you, ensuring your advert is key word rich and optimised for the job boards. We will then post your vacancy out to several major job boards and hundreds of subsidiary networks.

Manage the response
Manage the response

We provide full access to our intelligent, user friendly Applicant Tracking System. The system is accessible online at any time and helps you easily manage candidates through the recruitment process.

Hire your talent
Hire your talent

By this point you will have a pool of high quality candidates to shortlist, interview and hire.

But our support doesn’t end there. We’ll always be on hand to offer our expertise and guidance.

Talentvine provide two online recruitment solutions to
help businesses recruit faster, for less

Our Essential Package is priced at just £249 and is the perfect solution for lower skilled roles such as; administrator, warehouse operative, waiter/waitress etc. With the essential package your role will feature on major job boards; Total Jobs, Jobsite, Monster and Indeed for a full 28 days. Find out more about our essential package.

Our Branded Package is priced at just £399 and is the perfect for solution for higher skilled / harder to fill roles such as; Sales Manager, Class 2 Driver, Web Developer etc. Branded adverts typically receive higher applications and give businesses the opportunity to promote their brand. The branded package also includes CV Library in addition to Total Jobs, Jobsite, Monster and Indeed. Find out more about our branded package.

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