Recruitment Reporting

Key Recruitment KPI's essential for effective recruiting'

Enhance recruitment performance with transparent data visualisation.

Review key metrics in a single, centralised location and make intelligent, informed decisions that save time, boost efficiency, and maximise recruitment return on investment (ROI).

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Drive Recruitment Performance with Transparent Data Visualisation

Essential Recruitment KPI's as standard'

Gain a comprehensive understanding

Obtain a holistic view of your recruitment data using the powerful Qlik BI Reporting engine. Benefit from a complete suite of metrics and KPIs that keep you constantly updated.

  • Unique Applicants vs Applications
  • Applications by Source
  • Applications by Stage
  • Application Rate
  • Hires vs Offers
  • Cost Per Hire, Time to Hire
  • Plus many more

Elevated recruitment cost tracking

From initial job board spend to conducted interviews, Talentvine meticulously tracks all your recruitment costs, empowering you to stay ahead.

Allocate costs to each stage of the recruitment process, and Talentvine will automatically monitor your expenditures on telephone interviews, screening, onboarding, and more. This feature helps you align your processes for optimal efficiency.

Track all your recruitment costs, from Job Board posting to managing the response

Identify Recruitment Bottlenecks with advanced recruitment pipeline analytics

Insightful recruitment pipeline analytics

Plenty of applicants, but not enough hires? Talentvine assists you in identifying bottlenecks and obstructions in your recruitment pipeline.

  • Stay on top of your applications by knowing their current stage and duration.
  • Optimise telephone screening by refining pre-screening questions to target the most relevant applicants.

Download any chart, table, or visualisation as an image, CSV, or PDF effortlessly.

Performance evaluation at the source

Gain key metrics on applications, offers, and hires by source to determine which sources yield the most successful hires.

Prioritise quality over quantity by understanding where your hires originate, enabling you to reduce recruitment overhead and enhance your time and cost per hire.

Track Applications, Job Offers and Hires by Source with leading recruitment analytics


Interactive analysis

Delve into your data by asking questions and uncovering answers with every click. Recruitment analytics update instantaneously, and there are no limitations on how deep you can explore, ensuring no data is left unexplored.

Simple, intelligent analytics

Put your data into context, identify anomalies, and utilise advanced analytics to broaden your insights.

Accessible on the go

Experience responsive mobile design and touch interaction, allowing busy professionals to access critical recruitment data anytime, anywhere.

Loved by thousands of SME Businesses

“Before using the system recruitment MI was inefficiently tracked via spreadsheets. The report suite has allowed us to understand the costs associated at each stage of the recruitment process, which we have found particularly useful. If for example the report shows that we are over spending at pre-screening stage in comparison to the number of candidates being shortlisted, we can see there is a problem in our pre-screening criteria and plan to make changes for improvement.”

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